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[ 99 ] → I had a lot of feelings

Well, guess what? I've graduated and I've been working in an actual office for a year. It's so much fun and like, FREEDOM and MONEY but then again responsibilities and where is my life going kind of stuff. I feel so adult.

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So here I am. But let's move on...

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I'm still crying.

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So as you can see, many things have happened since I last announced my hiatus. I doubt any of my LJ friends are still reading and using their LJs, and I don't think I have time and energy to continue using this daily like before.

But this is still a journal, and I like getting back to it from time to time.
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i should change the way i title again;

Before I don't let it bother me fully, I'd like to apologize to my FList for the drama. :)) I just had to say these. I'll do a real post later. ;)

Hi. I think you know who you are. Well, there are only two of you here, but I'm sure the two of you are who I'm talking about anyway. I don't really care. I'm going to contradict myself a little and say this: You can bitch and blame me all you want, but you don't have the right to.


I never claimed to be the "leader" or editor in chief or whatever. I was only worried when I asked for your articles. We all thought that the submission was on MARCH 2, 2009. None of you asked how it was, so I panicked. I asked it from you Thursday evening. Shanice (although she doesn't have anything to do with the entire thing) is my witness. I asked for it, I received nothing. So I didn't do anything.

I'm sure all of you received my group message in Yahoo! Messenger asking to give it to me by 8PM on March 1, 2009. I only received two that time. Then I received the others between 9-11PM. That evening, Sofia messaged me confirming if she was still doing the layout. I said then she can do it, but I had to compile them first. But as I said, it was between 9-11PM when I received the other articles. It wasn't even complete.

After that, I fixed them a little since there really wasn't any need to edit, and I sent it. A little before 11PM. If you can see, I sent it MARCH 1, 2009. Sofia didn't say that she didn't get anything, so I never knew she didn't receive it until the next day.

Since we're letting anger out, I know I remember Adrienne was supposed to do the front page picture. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I know that's what we talked about. Neither Sofia nor I got anything, so we had to look for a picture in the internet. And really, I don't know why the fuck you're blaming me. I wasn't the layout editor in the first place. As I said in the beginning, I panicked because no one was asking how it was. Still, correct me if I'm wrong, but when I asked for your articles did you think I would carry all the burden? So this post might end up being disregarded since I know you don't even bother reading stuff made by people you hate, but here it is anyway.

I'll just simply tell you. I don't give a shit if you're pissed. If you're not willing to listen to what I have to say then that's not my problem. We're not going to see each other again for the rest of our lives, so I don't think I need to be so emotional about it.

To be honest, I knew that you were all blaming me. Then, just because I panicked, worried and asked for your articles, I'm to blame? Your reasoning is bullshit. :))
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I think you'll call it a blog crew. =)) I just wanted this before the Holiday Season is over. :D


Here's how it'll go...

You'll claim a JE BOY, either from a debuted group or a junior. :D


One: You must absolutely add his WHOLE name [last name first name] and then his GROUP.
Two: Please copy and paste the following code to your profile. :)
Three: ONE JE boy per fangirl. And ONE fangirl per JE boy. :))
Four: Pimp it!
Five: Have fun kissing! ♥ =))

GAH. I forgot to say the most important thing. ):


[cross posted to main group communities]

Aiba Masaki: songsheet
Matsumoto Jun: lifeup
Ninomiya Kazunari: maily
Ohno Satoshi: mz3293
Sakurai Sho: iruy

Golf (Pichaya Nitipaisalkul): baka_tenshi
Mike (Pirath Nitipaisalkul): miwohaeyo

Nakajima Yuto: pixelatine
Yamada Ryosuke: kyutei
Chinen Yuuri: sunghyeon
Morimoto Ryutaro: yuki_2_yume
Okamoto Keito: spheksophobia
Takaki Yuya: randomsheets
Arioka Daiki: gomen_mizukon
Inoo Kei: wordplay712
Yabu Kota: thixophobia
Yaotome Hikaru: flufy_umbreon

Yokoyama Yu: slumberprincess
Shibutani Subaru: bakabanri
Murakami Shingo: luxe_romanesque
Maruyama Ryuhei: samuraiblues
Yasuda Shota: kaychung
Nishikido Ryo: toukorin
Ohkura Tadayoshi: sleepingtensai
Uchi Hiroki: mimiharus

Kamenashi Kazuya: shrew_ish
Akanishi Jin: melodea
Taguchi Junnosuke: aisuartemis
Tanaka Koki: seagull_life
Ueda Tatsuya: kokoro_no_uta
Nakamaru Yuichi: marlenem

Domoto Tsuyoshi: therainbowstar
Domoto Koichi: les_cuki

Yamashita Tomohisa: rosevic87
Nishikido Ryo: toukorin
Koyama Keiichiro: mooglelicious
Kato Shigeaki: itsumademo_news
Masuda Takahisa: mknsen08
Tegoshi Yuya: imaeatchu
Uchi Hiroki: mimiharus
Kusano Hironori: ruledaworld

Katori Shingo: xstewpigx
Inagaki Goro: tomoyokurogane
Kimura Takuya: mb_lucified
Nakai Masahiro: bluriishh

Tackey and Tsubasa COMPLETE
Takizawa Hideaki: littlebit_liz
Imai Tsubasa: tsubon

Kokubun Taichi: nitrosss

Okada Junichi: jindacutie65
Miyake Ken: yum_gums

Totsuka Shota: nis_chan
Kawai Fumito: fromyesterday
Tsukada Ryoichi: vreemd23
Goseki Koichi: speranza28

Kamei Taku: lovedrummer
Fukazawa Tatsuya: chibilover14
Hashimoto Ryosuke: nijiiro_namida
Nakajima Yuto: pixelatine
Morimoto Ryutaro: yuki_2_yume
Tamamori Yuta: niu_hana
Matsumoto Kouhei:
Asaka Kodai: yanagiburger
Takaki Yuya: randomsheets
Inoo Kei: wordplay712
Arioka Daiki: gomen_mizukon

Kisumai ni
Kitayama Hiromitsu: jana_nox
Senga Kento: star_riku
Miyata Toshiya:
Yokoo Wataru: _____just_me
Fujigaya Taisuke: sere_chan
Tamamori Yuta: niu_hana
Nikaido Takashi: lil_poop92

Musical Academy
Yara Tomoyuki: ichi_ichigo_san
Machida Shingo: nozomichan

Question? COMPLETE
Yonemura Daijiro: taguchon
Yodogawa Yoshihiro: dr3amz_of_ch40s
Fujiie Kazuyori: norwen
Ishigaki Daisuke: jaejin
Igoo Akun: sabaism

Ya-ya-yah COMPLETE
Yabu Kota: thixophobia
Yaotome Hikaru: flufy_umbreon
Yamashita Shoon: sasuke2itachi3
Ayukawa Taiyo: mokiko

Johnny's Junior
Ikuta Toma: shatteringice
Yamashita Reon: quin_tessen_ce
Kyomoto Taiga: xxaibaxl0v3xx
Jimmey Mackey:
Morimoto Shintaro: lovetantei
Nozawa Yuki: mae_ai
Hasegawa Jun: sers_sers

Please feel free to add whoever is not in this list. I don't know anyone before Arashi. ^^;; Pimp it there, too.

♥ ☆ I will kiss (JE BOY NAME) under the mistletoe ☆ ♥



melodea created a New Year's version of this blog crew. :D Go there, yo! ♥
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[Shoon x Yabu] All the way

Title: All the way
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yamashita Shoon x Yabu Kota [hints of TaiOn]
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Characters: Shoon, Yabu, Reon
Warning: Angst... and sucky "inspirational" presence? [>____>]
Beta-ed: Self-beta
Notes: To shangrilove, requested and dedicated. Well, it was yamabu and I had time. XD; Also, for Shoon's birthday~! ♥♥♥

(I've wanted this ever since...)